About Meyer Attorneys

From individual property transactions to large-scale property developments, Meyer Attorneys has cultivated expertise in various facets of the real estate sector. Their comprehensive service offerings extend to a multitude of areas, including sectional title schemes, agricultural land transactions, commercial developments, and numerous other aspects of property law.

By embracing a client-centric approach, Meyer Attorneys is committed to understanding the specific requirements of each client, whether they are individuals, small businesses, or large corporations. This tailored approach ensures that every client receives the highest quality of legal advice and support, aligned with their unique goals and objectives.

Over the years, Meyer Attorneys has earned a reputation for excellence and professionalism within the legal community. Their team of dedicated experts continually strives to stay ahead of industry trends and legislative changes, allowing them to provide their clients with cutting-edge solutions that address their most pressing property-related concerns.

In summary, Meyer Attorneys is a distinguished legal practice with a rich history of serving clients across the property industry since its establishment in 2000. By combining their extensive expertise, commitment to client satisfaction, and forward-thinking approach, they continue to set the standard for high-quality legal services in the realm of property law.

Meet Gustav Meyer

Founding Partner & Managing Director.

Gustav was admitted by the High Court of South Africa, to practise as  a conveyancer in 1998.  After gaining experience at a prestigious Pretoria Law firm, Meyer Attorneys was established in 2000.

Meyer Attorneys are  panel attorneys for the Home Loans Departments of Standard Bank, ABSA, FNB and Nedbank SA Homeloans, Investec and is also on the bond cancellation panels of ABSA, FNB, Nedbank and Standard Bank, SA Homeloans, Investec.

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We want to make sure you get your questions answered. Whatever your legal issue is — incredibly complex or common — we can help you address it, either with our own attorneys or through referral to highly qualified counsel.